I’m a far-from regular saddle fitter covering from the Mersey to Humber south, including Wales, East Anglia, the Midlands and all of southern England. I specialise in fitting wide and flat horses which are often ill served by the regular brands and fitters out there. I probably fit more cobs and natives in particular than any other fitter in the country, perhaps even the world!

I fit beautiful English made leather saddles from www.ahsaddles.com. With a long previous history as The Native Pony Saddle Company we have a wide range of saddles, holding a huge amount of stock of showing, working hunter, GP and competition saddles, aiming to fit most people from stock on the day. This saves the commitment of made to measure and means you get to ride in the saddle for 7 days with the right to return it for any reason. I offer ongoing support and customer service with regular reflocking and even the possibility of tree width adjustments, all carried out on site for your convenience.

I also work a little differently to most fitters I think that there is a lot of “smoke and mirrors” about saddle fitting out there, which isn’t helpful for the customer. I like to bust a whole load of those myths and if you understand a little about how and why your saddle fits, as well as how and why horses change shape (plus how to spot when yours has). Saddle fitting is highly technical, but when it comes to one saddle on one horse almost everyone can become a bit more of an expert and monitor the fit of it, with our help.

If this appeals to you, or you simply know that the Andrea Hicks and Phoenix brands I fit really work, give me a shout.