Information was created to bring together local businesses into a ‘Yokel’ community to allow consumers to discover whatever they require locally on one simple to use website.

Our goal is to grow an online Yokel community with our new take on the online business directory. A special place where our clients get to genuinely promote their own local business in its own unique way, so that when potential customers are searching for a service that you offer locally, be it from the comfort of their living room or when away from home, is the place they can find you.

We first stumbled on the idea in April 2014, when we, as local business owners found several of our existing clients asking us ‘Do you know….?’ Or ‘Who do you use for…?’

Most directories have the same format which states basic information and is sponsored by adverts from large corporations, and heavily focused on more urban areas, Yokel is different, Yokel is for everybody; we aim to offer the same access to every business no matter how rural.

Each page is developed for each individual business; we use your own company look and branding across what is in effect a mini website, not just a listing. We can use your logo and graphics and your site can also include up to date content such as testimonials and photo galleries as well as your listing information. This information (content) is up-datable by you or your staff in house via a full user friendly “content management system”. Further, you can share new or existing content across social media platforms in one easy operation, keeping Facebook and other users in touch with your company.

Unlike many websites and Directories, Yokel do not allow companies with larger marketing budgets to buy their way through the rankings and will never have third party advertising. Even the smallest or newest companies can be just as easily be found as the PLCs.

Option 1 - Standard Package - 1yr - £250 + VAT (£300.00 inc VAT)

Your main Yokel page will be set up to our specification using materials provided by you i.e. logos, graphics, business cards and images to a certain size, and the text/content supplied in any digitally text format such as word or notepad etc.

Option 2 - Complete Package - 1yr - £300 + VAT (£360.00 inc VAT)
This includes everything that comes with the Standard Package and also pretty much everything else needed to setup the extra options too. If you don’t already have a company logo or look we will create a very quick and simple but suitably stylish font based logo for the top of your Yokel page and also for the business card graphics that appear throughout the site.

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